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Funding Your Undergraduate Research

Finding funding for your undergraduate research project is part of the process. Faculty mentors can offer invaluable help to students in not only project development, but also in assisting students in searching and applying for funding. The Dean of James Madison College has a limited pool of resources to support student research, travel, and conference participation. Please contact Jeffrey Judge, Assistant Dean, at judgej for further information. To apply for funding please complete the application below. Another resource available is the MSU Honors College. Outside of James Madison College and the Honors College, MSU Libraries has a web page with information on numerous funding resources.

Download the Policy 

Download the Application 

James Madison College also has an endowment honoring Professor M. Richard Zinman. This endowment fund supports excellence in liberal education at James Madison and is designed to support students undertaking individual or small group projects of excellence under the guidance of a JMC faculty member. JMC students who are working or would like to work on projects outside the classroom that enhance their education are welcome to apply for support from the Zinman fund. The application must be a joint application with students and faculty. All projects must involve a teaching or mentoring relationship and must culminate in a product suitable to the project such as a scholarly paper, film, other work of art, a research report or policy memorandum, for example. Funds are available to support expenses related to the projects, such as travel costs, speakers, supplies, meals, books, etc.

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