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Undergraduate Research @ MSU

Along with the opportunities to conduct research at JMC specifically, there are many ways to get involved in undergraduate research all over MSU.  Below is a short list of some opportunities available on campus and a link that will take you to the MSU Undergraduate Research page.

  • Professorial Assistantship (PA) Program
    Each year, approximately 200 entering college first-years are appointed as Professorial Assistants (PAs). PAs work with regular members of the teaching faculty on tasks directly related either to scholarly research or innovative teaching.
  • University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum
    There are many ways to pursue undergraduate research at Michigan State University. From your first year through graduation, students have numerous opportunities to pursue their academic interests outside of the traditional classroom setting. The possibilities are limitless. One of the most exciting opportunities for MSU students to present their research is at the annual MSU University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum, or UURAF. Each year, James Madison College is well represented at UURAF.
  • Undergraduate Research at MSU
    Undergraduate Research at MSU is your time to explore. It’s your time to find your passions and new areas of interest. It’s your time to start making your mark. In joining Undergraduate Research at MSU, you’re joining an exhilarating, collaborative culture dedicated to creativity, experimentation, and discovery.