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JMC Alumni Association

The James Madison College Alumni Association (JMCAA) brings together a diverse group of alumni, faculty, and students of James Madison College to:

  • Foster and advance loyalty to the college
  • Encourage dialogue among alumni of the College for educational, professional, fundraising and social purposes
  • Engage in activities that further the success of the college
  • Enhance communication between the JMCAA and the Michigan State University Alumni Association

To achieve these goals, the JMCAA:

  • Participates in social events, including alumni receptions, career day, and regional events
  • Works on student recruitment in coordination with the JMC Admissions Office
  • Administers student scholarships including the Alumni Endowed, Diversity, and Field Experience/Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Selects the Distinguished and Honorary Alumni Award recipients in conjunction with JMC
  • Promotes membership in the JMCAA and engages in fundraising efforts
  • Serves as liaison to the national Michigan State University Alumni 

Alumni Board Members