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DEI Programs and Events

Explore the various programs the Office of Justice, Equity and Inclusion offers:
  • LIVE IT! @ JMC
    Live It! @ JMC is an interactive workshop designed to introduce first year students to concepts of diversity and civilty.
  • Speak About It
    Speak About It uses theater and dialogue to empower students to give and get consent, build healthy relationships, and make change in their communities. Speak About It is a program for all first year students during Welcome Week.
  • Early Start Program

    James Madison College (JMC) Early Start is possible due to a gift by a JMC alumni. The alumni requested the creation of a bridge program to help students gain sense of belonging as they transition from high school to JMC and Michigan State University. 

    Learn more here! 

  • Diversity and Advocacy Program for Student Success

    Diversity and Advocacy Program for Student Success (DAPSS) aims to support underrepresented students during their transition into James Madison College, while focusing on creating a more diverse and inclusive environment, by providing a support network for the participating students in order to ensure their successful retention.

    Learn more here!

  • Social Justice Art Festival

    The Annual Social Justice Art Festival is an event co-hosted by James Madison College (JMC) and the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH). Art is a useful tool that encompasses multiple mediums and has the ability to inspire and convey messages that we often grapple with or relate to in our everyday lives. By using art, festival participants have the opportunity to engage in a variety of topics in meaningful and creative ways. The goal of this event is to provide a unique platform that engages undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and the greater MSU/East Lansing community around social justice topics through artistic expression. The inspiration for this event is derived from contemporary art shows and local festivals that capture the sentiment of art, unity, and justice.

    Learn more here. 

  • Ask Big Questions
    Ask Big Questions is a set of dialogues with students, faculty, and staff to discuss important and timely topics. Subjects include "what do we assume?", "how do we disagree?" and more.
  • MC100
    Exploration of academic, social, personal and career decisions that students face in college, with a primary focus on the first year and the James Madison College experience.
  • First-Year Mentor Program

    Peer mentoring programs are shown to promote persistence, provide opportunities that encourage academic success, and foster a sense of belonging. The one-on-one model is designed to be student-centered and student-directed, allowing participants to easily blend their busy schedules with the requirements of the program.

    Learn more here. 

  • Madison Diversity Leadership Program

    The Madison Diversity Leadership Program (MDLP) offers a great opportunity to learn the skills to be an inclusive leader in public and international affairs. The program aims to address the lack of diverse representation in public life by cultivating the next generation of leaders who are informed, committed, experienced and culturally aware. 

    MDLP focuses in two areas of public life: electoral politics and government, and civic activism and non-profit leadership. It is designed to provide insight into (1) underrepresentation in public leadership as well as ways to address such underrepresentation, (2) different models of leadership, and (3) modes of community/stakeholder engagement with particular focus on participatory democracy. 

    The program also provides participants with an internship experience in an institutional setting and cultivates competency in cross-cultural interactions or a research experience that focuses on leadership and participatory action/democracy. Because it is important that our leaders have necessary knowledge to connect with individuals and groups of different cultural backgrounds, both nationally and internationally, a special feature of this program will be the opportunity for an overseas immersion experience.

    The program is designed for a diverse group of up to 10 students, representing a range of interests, identities and perspectives. Successful applicants will

    1. be at least a Madison student in their second, third or fourth year; in good standing with a GPA of at least 2.75;
    2. demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion;
    3. have experience in engagement and/or leadership in college, University or community organizations or settings; and
    4. intend to pursue a career in public or international affairs.

    Selected participants will enroll in a two semester-long program (8 to 12 credits) of study, research and community engagement. Minimum requirements for the program include:

    1. Enrollment in courses:
      1. a one-credit intensive, weekend course on leadership that will involve readings and assignments in the fall semester. The course will familiarize students with conceptual and practical dimensions of leadership, both domestic and international.
      2. A three-credit course on participatory democracy and engagement in the spring semester.
      3. A four-credit internship, chosen from a list of recommended programs related to the themes of the course and the program, or an independent research project directly related to MDLP themes and objectives.
    2. Participation in a subsidized, two-week engagement experience at the Society for Participatory Research In Asia (PRIA) in New Delhi, India. For more than 30 years, PRIA has worked to bring the voices of the marginalized into Indian democracy, through training in participatory action and effective leadership. We expect participants to take an online PRIA course as well as to travel to India where they will continue their studies and interact with activists.
    3. Presentation at Madison’s Research Showcase at the end of the semester.

    We invite advanced sophomores, juniors and seniors to apply by submitting the written application below to Professor Linda Racioppi (racioppi@msu.edu) by 5 p.m. on May 13, 2024. Applicants may also be invited to interview with the program directors; interviews will occur later in the month, after which the final selection of fellows will take place. Women and members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. 

    Please contact program co-directors, Professor Linda Racioppi (racioppi@msu.edu) or Professor Melissa Fore (foremeli@msu.edu), with questions.

    Application for Madison Diversity Leadership Program

    Due:  May 13, 2024 by 5 PM


    Name:                                                                                                                                                     Year:




    Please provide a copy of your transcript (unofficial will do) and the name of one Madison faculty reference that we can contact.


    Respond to each of the questions below. Please limit responses to questions two and three to 400 words each.

    1. List any work, volunteer or academic experiences that make you a good fit for the the program.


    2. Describe your commitment to diverse and inclusive politics, policy and society, and how your past experiences and perspectives will contribute to the diversity of this program.


    3. Discuss how you think this program will contribute to your development as a future leader in your area of interest or career path.