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  • Faculty Excellence Advocate
    The Faculty Excellence Advocate (FEA) works to foster the success of all faculty and academic staff in James Madison College. The FEA, with the Dean’s office, strives to ensure that faculty and academic staff have the mentoring and resources to succeed across their careers in JMC. The FEA's goal is to listen to the experiences of all and to ensure that the college offers a welcoming and inclusive work environment. 

    For the 2022-2025 period, Madison’s FEA is Associate Professor Susan Stein-Roggenbuck.

     Susan Stein-Roggenbuck

    Statement of Purpose:

    I work with the Dean’s office and the Faculty Affairs Committee to review and develop policies that relate to search committee processes, annual review, reappointment and promotion. For 2022-2023, Associate Dean Linda Racioppi and I will offer annual workshops in preparation for annual review submissions and for those standing for reappointment or promotion. We seek feedback on all policies to identify unintended issues and also a need to clarify any part of the process. I am happy to review any materials related to these evaluations.

    I play no role in evaluating faculty and academic staff to allow for frank conversations. Conversations are always confidential and I will take no action without the explicit permission of the faculty or academic staff person. Exceptions are any cases in violation of MSU’s Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct policy, as I am a mandatory reporter.

    I encourage all faculty and academic staff to reach out with any concerns or to seek guidance in any of their responsibilities. My role is to serve as a mentoring resource for all. I very much want everyone to succeed in their time in the college. 

    For additional information or support, please contact:

    Susan Stein-Roggenbuck


    372 S. Case Hall