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DEI Scholarships

For a full list of scholarships and their applications, visit the JMC Scholarships main page. 

Annual JMC Alumni Diversity Scholarship

Two awards given annually to incoming freshmen (non-renewable) This award is open to every student admitted to the James Madison College first year class, and is designed to emphasize the importance of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity in the college and will be awarded to the essayist most likely to contribute to or to actively support the goal of diversity.

Essay of 600 words maximum; please respond to the following question: Please tell us a bit about how you define diversity.  What has contributed to your understanding of what diversity means?  Why do you believe diversity is important, and how do you envision yourself seeking out and promoting diversity during your time at James Madison College?

The Nelson and Marlene Cummings Scholarship

One award given annually to an incoming freshmen (non-renewable).

The Nelson and Marlene Cummings Scholarship was founded by Jeffrey Cummings, a 1984 Madison graduate, to honor his parents and their life-long commitment to public affairs, civic activities, and education. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist James Madison College in its effort to recruit and retain students whose presence will further the College's compelling interest in obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a racially and ethnically diverse student body.

This essay competition requires a 1,000 word (max-essay and is open to all incoming first year students who are planning to enroll in James Madison College at Michigan State University during the upcoming fall term.  It is the donor's wish that each candidate answer one of the following essay questions.  Preference shall be given to the student whose essay is stylistically well-written and best reflects analytic thought, creativity, and personal experience.

MLK, Jr. Advancing Inclusion Through Research Award

Do you believe in inclusion and diversity? Do you support the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Are you interested in receiving an award for a research project? If you answered YES to these questions, the MLK, Jr. Advancing Inclusion through Research Award may be just for YOU!

In an effort to build the body of work authored by students that supports the MSU and MLK, Jr. ideals of inclusive excellence, we encourage submission of MSU student research papers and creative projects on topics of inclusion, diversity, and marginalized populations. Students from Honors College (all majors), James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College, and Res College in the Arts & Humanities are eligible to apply for the Award.  Any work  from the Spring, Summer or Fall Semesters are eligible!  Submissions will be due in annually in December! For more information, or to apply, visit: MLK, Jr. Advancing Inclusion Through Research Award website. Information and Application

Information for Multicultural Students Studying Abroad: Scholarships for Multicultural Students

Study abroad is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires planning, careful management, creativity, perseverance and commitment. How can you pay for it? Start by planning far in advance (a year is suggested). By planning and selecting certain programs, you may find that the cost of study abroad is far less than you imagined. Information and Application

MSU MLK Endowed Scholarship Program

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Program recognizes MSU students who are, through their stewardship, becoming society's leaders by actively engaging in their communities in ways that fight injustice and promote equality for all on every possible level. This scholarship is due annually in February. Information and Application

Black History Month Poetry and Prose Contest

flyer for poetry and prose contest