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Scholarships for Incoming Students

2023 first-year scholarship information is being sent out in early February 2023. Applications will be reviewed by committees, and awardees will be notified via their MSU email accounts throughout April. Scholarship applications can be submitted using the links below. Please refer to materials sent for details on application requirements. 

Cummings Scholarship

JMC Alumni Diversity Scholarship

Omnibus Application (one form used for Alumni Endowed, Freeman-Darling, Dixie-Platt, Oginsky, Tanton-Geib, and Evans awards)


First year scholarships available each year vary. Admitted freshman are notified of specific scholarship opportunities and the application process in early February of their admitted year. Applications generally consist of submitting responses to essay prompts, personal statements, and/or resumes.

  • Oginsky Family & Friends Scholarship
    Open for students admitted to James Madison College’s first year class, with primary preference for graduates of high schools in Genesee County, Michigan. This award honors Daniel Oginsky, who grew up in the Flint, Michigan area before attending James Madison College and going on to law school. This award was created to support students from the Genesee County area who can in turn later help support their own communities.
  • Tanton-Geib Family Scholarship
    Open to every student admitted to the James Madison College first-year class, with primary preference for graduates of high schools in St. Clair County, Michigan. This scholarship honors James Madison College graduates Tom Tanton and Sally Geib. Both Ms. Geib and Mr. Tanton feel that JMC provided them with excellent educations and opportunities. Mr. Tanton was born and raised in Port Huron. Ms. Geib and Mr. Tanton would like to give back to that community, and they wish to encourage students from the Port Huron area to attend MSU and James Madison College.
  • Schmidt Family Scholarship
    The Schmidt family has a strong commitment to education and providing educational opportunities. They believe an education benefits the individual who is willing to work hard and make the most of these opportunities and it benefits the greater society through increased knowledge, creative discovery, and civic engagement of its citizens. This scholarship was created to further these values.
  • James Madison College Alumni Endowed Scholarship

    Open to every admitted student in the first year class, this scholarship is designed to introduce students to the College’s focus on interdisciplinary study in the social sciences and public affairs.

  • James Madison College Alumni Diversity Scholarship

    Open to every student admitted into the first year class, this scholarship is designed to emphasize the importance of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity in the college and will be awarded to the essayist most likely to contribute to or to support actively the goal of diversity.

  • James Madison College, The Nelson and Marlene Cummings Scholarship
    The Nelson and Marlene Cummings Scholarship was founded by Jeffrey Cummings, a 1984 Madison graduate, to honor his parents and their life-long commitment to public affairs, civic activities, and education. The purpose of the Scholarship is to assist the James Madison College in its effort to recruit and retain students whose presence will further the College's compelling interest in obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a racially and ethnically diverse student body. This essay competition is open to all incoming first year students who are planning to enroll at the James Madison College of Michigan State University during the upcoming fall term.
  • The Freeman-Darling James Madison Fellows Scholarship
    Open to every student admitted to the James Madison College first-year class. This scholarship honors two accomplished and generous supporters of James Madison College, Michigan State University and public affairs education. Ms. Marilyn Darling is a graduate of the college as well as a very active leader of Madison’s Board of Visitors. It is the donor’s hope that recipients of this award will feel an ethical obligation at a future date to support the college and actively participate in assisting future generations of Madison students.
  • Dixie Platt Fellows Scholarship
    This gift honors Dixie C. Platt, formerly Director of Academic and Student Affairs. Mrs. Platt was known for her sound judgment and sensitivity to students and faculty. Her own career has affirmed the relationship between liberal education and public service. This four-year scholarship will be awarded to a first-year student for the fall academic term.
  • The A. Gordon Adams Scholarship
    This gift honors A. Gordon Adams, Jr. a 1942 graduate of Michigan State University who spent most of his professional career with the First Michigan Corporation specializing in bond sales for government units, agencies and public service organizations. His own career has affirmed his belief in the benefits of a broad and liberal education and in the importance of students whose understandings of public affairs can forge public and private linkages that emphasize the value of service.