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Apply Now!

Want to be a part of James Madison College? It's easy! Simply fill out the MSU application, and select James Madison College as your intended major. Your application will be reviewed and processed by the MSU Office of Admissions. Once accepted to the university, students are admitted to Madison on a first come, first serve basis.

You can submit your application here.

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  • Already Applied?

    If you've already applied to Michigan State University and you are interested in Madison, you can log into your MSU Student Portal and change your intended major into Madison. You can also contact the JMC Recruitment Office at jmcadmin@msu.edu or 517-353-5260 with your name and your date of birth to have us request the change for you.

  • A Note About the Wait Pool
    As a limited enrollment college, JMC does have capped admissions. Once that cap is reached, we will move into a wait pool process and students cannot switch their major into the college without approval. This will not impact your admission into Michigan State University. Admitted students who wish to major in JMC after the cap is reached should reach out directly to the JMC Recruitment Office at jmcadmin@msu.edu or 517-353-5260 to be placed on the wait pool list.
  • Current MSU Students
    James Madison College admits current MSU students into the program’s majors and first-year program as space permits. There are no credit restrictions for students changing in, though students should be mindful of the impact of meeting the JMC major requirements on their time to degree and graduation plan.

    Limited space is available, and a waitlist is used to bring students in on a first-come first-serve process with a grade review to ensure good academic standing. There is no formal application. Waitlist review and major switches occur during winter break for spring semester and in August for fall semester. To be added to the waitlist, please schedule an appointment with JMC Advisor Emelia Hammond through the online MSU Student Information System or email her at ehammond@msu.edu.
  • Early / Middle College Students
    It is very common for students to come into MSU and JMC with credits earned through AP, IB, dual enrollment, or early/middle college programs, and these students are instructed to complete the Freshman Application for MSU. JMC is a freshman admit program, and the program is built around that model with respect to its curriculum and course requirements.

    Students who are admitted to MSU and JMC through the Freshman application will be enrolled in the first-year course requirements for JMC, regardless of credit count at time of enrollment. At New Student Orientation, JMC academic advisors will assist all students in understanding how their credits count at MSU.

    If an incoming first-year student has earned an Associates Degree prior to starting at MSU, they should reach out to JMC advisors prior to New Student Orientation to discuss their enrollment options.
  • Transfer Students

    JMC is a freshman admit program, and the program is built around that model with respect to its curriculum and course requirements. Transfer students are admitted on a limited basis dependent upon available space in the program each year, and admission requirements can be found under the JMC majors listed on the Restricted Majors page. Applicants for transfer admission should complete the MSU Transfer Application through the link above and should indicate the specific JMC major they plan to pursue as the major preference within the application.