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JMC College Inclusion Committee


The College Inclusion Committee is the primary point of contact in the College for faculty, staff, and students for issues regarding inclusion and diversity. The CIC advises the Dean and the faculty on any concerns regarding issues and policies related to inclusion and diversity. We aim to educate the JMC Community by providing current information, statistics, resources, and collecting data about issues of diversity and inclusion.

What We Provide 

Programming and service activities, including outreach and engagement efforts that foster a sense of community, increase awareness and enhance the overall climate of JMC.

DEI Strategic Plan Summary

In the fall of 2020, members of the James Madison College Inclusion Committee were charged with developing the institution’s first-ever strategic plan for Diversity/Equity/ Inclusion (DEI). A subcommittee constituted of four students (Cody Evans, Madison Gladney, Kris Hill, and Safiya Webster) and two faculty members (Sejuti Das Gupta and Steve Rohs) was formed. We were joined by acting Dean Linda Racioppi as an ex-officio member. During that fall semester, our group studied DEI plans from other colleges at Michigan State University as well as the University of Southern California and the University of California-Berkeley in order to form a template for our college. For the remainder of the year, the subcommittee met weekly to explore the college’s past efforts and discuss the contemporary climate of the college. In summation, the DEI Strategic Plan outlines a list of the college’s norms and values, definitions of the terms: diversity, equity, and inclusion, previous racial climate reports, accomplishments towards DEI from 2016-2022, ongoing areas of concern, and more importantly our proposals, which contain action items towards attaining our DEI goals within the college. See pages 27-32 of the full plan for the detailed proposals. 

Full DEI Strategic Plan

Plan Proposals

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