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Meet our team of JMC Ambassadors! These current students have a range of experiences at MSU and JMC, and they are here to connect with prospective students to answer the questions you might have about being a part of our community. 

Throughout Spring 2022, our ambassadors will be available for some small group chats. These will be done through Zoom meetings, allowing several prospective students to engage in personal conversation with the featured Ambassador. 

Ambassador Bayan

Meet Bayan (she/her/hers) 

Bayan is a junior from Rockville, Maryland, but she has also spent six years in Qatar. She is studying Comparative Culture and Politics (CCP) with a minor in Political Economy. She is the Vice President of the Black Undergraduate Law Association (BULA), a Mentor in the First Year Mentoring Program (FYMP), and an active member in Prison Reform Advocacy Group (PRAG), the W.E.B. DeBois Society, and Muslim Students’ Association (MSA). Her favorite Madison moment is the relief she gets when she turns in any big JMC papers. If you want to know what it’s like to be an out-of-state student at JMC and what the adjustment process is like, schedule a chat with Bayan!

 Chat with Bayan: 3/24, 4/7, and 4/21 at 6:30pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Brynna

Meet Brynna (She/Her/Hers)

Brynna is a junior transfer student from Traverse City, Michigan, majoring in International Relations with minors in Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy. She is involved in MSUMUN and IRO. When she’s not doing homework or going to club meetings, she’s working as a Stage Manager for the College of Music. If you are interested in learning about what it’s like to transfer into Madison, book a chat with Brynna!

Chat with Brynna: 3/28 and 4/25 at 6pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Diego

Meet Diego (he/him/his) 

Diego is a junior from Caguas, Puerto Rico, majoring in International Relations and Comparative Cultures & Politics. His specific field of research focuses on Southeast Asia and Latin America. Diego has been involved in MSUMUN, IRO, JMC Student Senate, and JMCLatinos When he's not doing homework, he's either watching motorsports racing or playing soccer. His favorite Madison moment was when he was finally finished with the Federalist Papers. If you are interested in the organizations Diego is a part of or are curious to know what it's like to double major within JMC, schedule a chat with Diego!

Chat with Diego: 4/15 at 4:30pm ET. Register Here.


Ambassador Dhyey

Meet Dhyey (He/Him/His)

Dhyey is a sophomore from Farmington Hills, Michigan, studying International Relations & Criminal Justice with a minor in Security Management. He is a part of many organizations like Michigan State College Democrats, Kappa Omega Alpha, and the  JMC Mentorship Program. As of right now,his favorite Madison moment  is finally being able to be in Case Hall and go to in-person classes.  If you want to know what it’s like to be a super spy in training or what the experience is like majoring inside and outside of JMC, book a chat with Dhyey!

Chat with Dhyey: 4/5 at 5:30pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Gia

Meet Gia (She/Her/Her)

Gia is a freshman from Escanaba, Michigan, studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, and International Relations. She is super involved on campus as a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority and the Hellenic Student Association, as well as a competitor on the MSU Undergraduate Moot Court Team. Her favorite Madison moment was meeting all of the amazing people in the JMC within the first few weeks of school! It made her transition to college a lot easier knowing that she's surrounded by students that share her interests and goals! Gia is a Greek Yooper eager to meet you all!  If you want the scoop on the JMC first-year experience, book a chat with Gia!

Chat with Gia: 3/16 and 4/13 at 8pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Jack

Meet Jack (He/Him/His)

Jack is a junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan, majoring in Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy (PTCD )and Journalism. Jack serves as a student representative in ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government. He is also involved in political clubs across campus and a professional fraternity. Jack’s favorite Madison memory is doing late-night combo grabs with his floormates freshman year. JMC matters to Jack because of the relationships it has allowed him to create with peers, professors, and alumni. If you have questions about student life and JMC organizations, the PTCD major, or double majoring outside Madison, Jack would love to get to know you and address your questions!

Chat with Jack: 3/22 and 4/19 at 5:30pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Laila

Meet Laila (she/her/hers)

Laila is a junior from Las Vegas, NV, majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics (CCP) and Social Relations and Policy (SRP). After she graduates, Laila would love to move to a different country to restore political power to populations affected by neocolonialism. Her specific field of study is African politics, but she also finds interest in other regions like the Caribbean and Oceania. Laila is currently the Comparative, Cultures, and Politics Chair in the Student Senate and works to promote the major within the college. She was previously affiliated with JMC’s MADI program, a group that supports first-generation college students in their first year, and loved the community she built there. Her favorite Madison moment is when she reflects on all of her acquired knowledge at the end of the semester. She says, “The education I receive in JMC is incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile. The professors work so hard to teach a curriculum that is interesting and comprehensive. When the semester is over, I am left feeling more confident in my abilities to find a career in something I am passionate about.” If you have any questions or concerns on what it’s like to be a first-generation college student, out-of-state student, or are just curious about JMC, book a chat with Laila!

Chat with Laila: 3/18 at 4:30pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Lily

Meet Lily (She/Her/Hers)

Lily is a sophomore from Flushing, Michigan, majoring in Social Relations & Policy and Comparative Cultures & Politics with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She is currently involved in the JMC Student Senate. Despite not having the traditional start to college, her favorite Madison moment is the incredible JMC professors! She says, "JMC professors rose to the occasion and made sure that we were engaged and learning while still taking care of our mental health, which was important to my classmates and me." So until she gets the traditional JMC experience, her Madison moment is to be determined. If you want to learn more about our awesome professors or have any questions or concerns on what the LGBTQ+ atmosphere is like at Madison, book a chat with Lily!

Chat with Lily: 3/14 and 4/11 at 6:00pm ET. Register Here.

Ambassador Matthew

Meet Matthew (He/Him/His)

Matthew is a junior from Columbia, Missouri studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Economics with minors in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Political Economy, and Cities: Environment, Design, and Society. He is a part of many organizations like Kappa Omega Alpha, ACLU, Campus Interfaith Council - ASMSU, and Pay-It-Forward-Tours. His favorite Madison moment was when his entire 201 class squeezed into his dorm room super late one night to prepare their first paper. If you want to know what it’s like to be super involved inside and outside of JMC, book a chat with Matthew!

Chat with Matthew: 3/30 and 4/27 at 8:00pm ET. Register Here.