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Honors Program

Any James Madison student may elect to enter the College Honors Program after selecting his/her major. This is separate from the Michigan State University Honors College. Additionally, this program is not limited to members of the Michigan State University Honors College. In order to be designated as having successfully completed the James Madison College Honors Program, a student must meet the following requirements:

1. Successful completion of three Honors Options in courses required in the "core" of the student's major (i.e., in courses in the major with the designation MC, either required or selectives). Successful completion = meeting all the specified requirements for the awarding of the honors option designation, including receipt of a 3.5 or better in each of the courses.

2. Successful completion of one independent study (3-4 credits) in the student's major during the junior year. Successful completion = 3.5 or better in the course.

3. Successful completion of a senior honors thesis (two semesters) and a successful public defense of that thesis. Successful completion = a 3.5 or better in each senior thesis course, or overall when the grade given in the first semester is deferred.

A student whose work is deemed extraordinary by the faculty members of the student's major will be designated as having completed the Honors Program in James Madison College with Highest Distinction.