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Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy

Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy (PTCD) probes the major competing principles that have animated political communities and how we have attempted to translate these into practice.

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Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy curriculum is both philosophical and historical. Course readings range from Plato and the classical poets to contemporary political theory, literature and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.  

The introductory course sequence (MC 270-271) is not a conventional survey of political theory. It introduces students to a theoretical way of thinking about politics and morality at different times and places (for example, the ancient Greek city-state and the Florentine Republic), which they can then use as a basis of comparison in analyzing the American experience.  

Many Political Theory graduates go on to graduate or professional school in law, business, philosophy and political science. From there, their paths have taken many different turns; for example, serving in the Michigan Legislature, as Solicitor General of the State of Ohio, as Budget Director of the State of Michigan, as Executive Director of the Michigan Democratic Party and teaching at major universities and small liberal arts colleges. 

Sample Courses

MC271    Constitutionalism and Democracy
MC370    Radical Challenges to Liberal Democracy
MC372    Comparative Black Political Thought
MC375    Contemporary Developments in American Politics