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New Student Orientation 2020

Welcome to NSO 2020

Welcome to the James Madison College community. We ask that you review the information posted here prior to your NSO advising date, and check your MSU email account regularly for information.

Pre-Advising Information

Pre-Advising Homework

Every first year student is asked to complete and submit this homework document prior to their advising appointment. For best results, download Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the form. It is free. If you do not use Adobe Acrobat reader, we may not get your homework properly. You can print to a PDF instead if you use a different browser/program on both PC and Mac.

Message for incoming transfer students on preparing for college NSO meetings.

Presentations – View All

NSO Welcome Message - Jeff Judge (audio only)
NSO Academic Requirements Presentation - Emelia Hammond
Career Services - Karissa Chabot-Purchase
Getting Involved - Amber Benton
Field Experience (Max) - Intro | Presentation
JMC Student Handbook

Language Planning

All JMC majors require a 2-year foreign language proficiency. Some students will continue with a language that they have been studying and others will start a new language. The full list of available languages is available online. Students who wish to continue their study of a language from high school should meet with a language advisor prior to their JMC advising appointment for accurate placement. You can download a presentation with more information and instructions for scheduling an appointment here.

Math Placement

All incoming JMC students are asked to take the math placement test online prior to their advising date. There are several exemptions to this, but our experience tells us that it is necessary to have this score on file as a back-up, regardless of their SAT/ACT or AP/IB scores. You can take the exam here.

Academic Advising & Enrollment

Advising Appointment

Please check your MSU email account the week before your scheduled NSO date for instructions on connecting with your JMC advisor. Each student will have two appointments – one for advising and another for enrollment. Please be prepared for appointment times between the hours of 9am and 6pm EST on your scheduled dates.

Zoom Directory.


You will have time to try enrollment independently prior to your second appointment with an advisor. Please view the tutorial prior to beginning.

Schedule Builder
Watch Schedule Builder Tutorial.

Post Enrollment

To-Do List

  • Verify that all AP/IB or Transfer credit has been received by MSU
  • Continue to monitor MSU email for updates