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Field Experience Forms

You must secure an internship and enroll in both MC 400 and MC 401 before completing the Field Experience Forms below, unless otherwise instructed by the Field Experience Office. Please see the description below each form for instructions on how to submit. 

  • Internship Information Form
    Fill out your contact information and the internship organization’s contact information in the Google Forms link found on the MC 400 D2L page. Please provide your supervisor’s name and email address, as the Field Experience Office will send an evaluation of your performance at the end of the internship.

  • MC 401 Student-Reader Planning Sheet
    The MC 401 Student-Reader Planning sheet can be completed electronically (email to michal34@msu.edu) or via hardcopies (submitted to 329B S. Case). Complete sections I and II on the front of this form, then schedule a meeting with your MC 401 Faculty Reader prior to the beginning of the internship to discuss the Field Experience placement, the organization, and the potential direction of the MC 401 paper. Discuss arrangements for maintaining communication throughout the internship and the subsequent semester. Your Faculty Reader should sign under section III on the back of this form indicating that you met for the “Pre-Field Experience Planning Session.” If a meeting is not possible, begin this discussion via email. This is extremely important. 

    Return after sections I, II, and III are complete. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure this form is returned to the Field Experience Office.
  • Learning Contract
    Review the Learning Contract with your supervisor and discuss the educational nature of Field Experience. This provides an opportunity to discuss supervision, evaluation, and learning objectives to ensure the intern and supervisor are aware of each other’s expectations.

    The student must fill out the front page and complete the responses to each question, then sign and return. The Learning Contract is a requirement of MC 400, and should be completed within the first two weeks of the internship. Upload the completed document (with your and your supervisor's signatures) to the course D2L page.


  • Field Experience Substitution Petition (only for substitution of Field Experience)
    To complete a Field Experience substitution, see the Field Experience Substitution Petition and complete the information for Option 1 (Senior Honors Thesis), Option 2 (Prior Professional Work Experience), Option 3 (Dual Major Practicum/Student Teaching), or Option 4 (Education Abroad Program). As the note under Options indicates, you will not enroll in MC 400/401 since you would be substituting an Option in as your Field Experience. Courses used for Field Experience Substitution may not double count for other JMC major requirements.

Questions and Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Field Experience paperwork please contact Lauren Michalak, JMC Field Experience Coordinator, at michal34@msu.edu.