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Jennifer Goett

Jennifer  Goett
  • Associate Professor
  • Faculty
  • Case Hall Room S312
  • 842 Chestnut Rd
  • East Lansing, MI 48825
  • 517-884-1271


Jennifer Goett is Associate Professor of Comparative Cultures and Politics at James Madison College, Michigan State University. She is a cultural anthropologist, specializing in political and feminist anthropology. Her research interests include race, gender and feminist theory, social movements, human rights, violence and the state, refugees and asylum seekers, and critical security studies in Latin America. She has published work on Indigenous and Afrodescendant social movements for multicultural rights in Central America, particularly Nicaragua, and on state violence, racialized policing, and infrastructure megaprojects. Goett is the author of Black Autonomy: Race, Gender, and Afro-Nicaraguan Activism (Stanford 2016). The book examines the gendered strategies that Afrodescendant Creole women and men use to assert autonomy over their bodies, labor, and spaces in the context of drug war militarization and state violence in postwar Nicaragua. Her current research project focuses on Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica and the United States. Goett's articles have appeared in American EthnologistJournal of Latin American and Caribbean AnthropologyLASA ForumNACLA Report on the Americas, and other journals and edited volumes. In addition to her scholarship, she publishes editorials on Central American politics and works as a pro bono expert witness for asylum cases in U.S. immigration court.

See Dr. Goett's Academia.edu page here.



Dr. Goett is the recipient of a 2017 Michigan State University Teacher Scholar Award.