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Hanan Aly

Hanan  Aly
  • Assistant Professor
  • Faculty


Ph.D. in English and graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies, Michigan State University

Hanan Aly is an assistant professor and has a joint appointment in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and American Cultures in the College of Arts and Letters, and James Madison College where she teaches in Madison's first-year writing program.

Her work examines representations of dispossession in Maghrebian and Arab Diasporic literature and film and elaborates typologies and conceptualizations of dispossession within and beyond colonial and postcolonial contexts.

She received her M.A. in English from Western Michigan University, following the completion of a one-year Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, where she taught for years before she moved to the United States.  

Aly is currently revising her dissertation project to be submitted as a monograph. The book examines the ways in which literary texts in English and French represent the complex experiences of dispossession that have shaped the Arab diaspora. Her work is informed by anti-colonial, postcolonial and contemporary theories of dispossession; trauma theory; feminist theory; and ethical relationality to alterity as elaborated in the writings of a range of scholars from Immanuel Levinas to Judith Butler.