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Student Spotlight: Abe Frank

November 28, 2022 - Beth Brauer and Abe Frank '24

Abe Frank (he/him) is a third-year student in James Madison College and is a current lab leader for the JMC Human Rights Lab.  

Abe Frank against Ivy

Name & Pronouns

Abe Frank (he/him)


Social Relations and Policy (SRP ’24), minors in European Studies, history and LGBTQ Studies


Okemos, MI

How did you become interested in the JMC Human Rights Lab?

I knew I wanted to do research at MSU, but I was too intimidated to come up with my own ideas. The Lab seemed like a great way to get involved. I went to the Fall 2021 information session and have been going to our meetings ever since.

What is your favorite part about the work you do in the lab?

I love working with my peers. JMC students are very collaborative, but there aren’t a lot of opportunities for group projects in class. In the lab that collaborative spirit is encouraged and focused in a way which is conducive to bonding over and producing research.

What other organizations and activities do you do at MSU?

I work at the Spartan Spirit Shop.

What has been your favorite Madison class/professor and why?

My favorite class was definitely Dr. Jezierski’s MC 280: Social Theory and Policy. Spending an entire semester on theories which captured my experiences into words was incredibly enlightening and fulfilling. But I have some close second places: Dr. Berg’s MC 281 had the best readings for a class and Dr. Goett’s MC 201 introduced topics I think about every day.

What do you want to do following graduation?

It changes all the time, but I think I want to stay in school.

To learn about the JMC Human Rights Lab, visit the webpage and follow them on Instagram. To support the JMC Human Rights Lab, contribute to the Crowd Power campaign.