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A note from Assistant Dean Jeff Judge

April 28, 2023

With April wrapping up, it’s a busy time in James Madison College! Spring is here, and graduation is only one week away! Congratulations is in order — not only to the graduates, but to each one of you for making it to the end of a most challenging semester.

I am so impressed by the accomplishments of our Madison students over the past few years and especially the past few months. The determination and motivation displayed by all of you during this time has been remarkable. I am incredibly proud!

To those graduating, it has been an honor to get to know so many of you over the last few years. Your energy, enthusiasm and fortitude has served as an example to many, and the contributions you’ve offered to the Madison community are appreciated.

To those returning this summer or in the fall, I will be here to help in any way possible during the upcoming years, and I am truly excited to work with you as you move through your degree program.

As we enter this final stretch, remember to take care of yourselves and reflect on all you’ve achieved.



Assistant Dean