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Dean's Letter to JMC Community

February 14, 2023

Dear JMC Community,

Words will never be enough. How do we begin to process the trauma our community experienced last night? I wish I had answers. What I do know is if ever there was a time to reconnect and lean on one another, now is that time.

Although there is a great deal of information unknown to us, what is certain is that many lives are forever changed. Innocent people were robbed of the futures they had planned. And those of us who survived will grapple with fears and sadness for a very long time.

We all have varying traumas that precede this event, which may affect how we experience this one. Practicing kindness and grace in the days, weeks and months that lie ahead is what I ask of each of you.

Please know there are resources available, and I encourage anyone needing to speak to a professional to do so. The Hannah Community Center (819 Abbot Road) has counselors available. Free and confidential crisis counseling also is available. Students: Call (517) 355-8270. Press “1” at the prompt. For Community Mental Health, dial (517) 346-8460. I will share more resources as I learn of them.

If you have specific ideas about ways to offer support, please reach out to me. We are in this together.




Cameron G. Thies

Dean and MSU Foundation Professor