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Mission Statement & Values

James Madison College at Michigan State University is an inclusive, undergraduate residential learning community dedicated to innovative teaching, research and engagement with public affairs, both domestic and global, across multiple fields of study. JMC nurtures a living-learning environment that promotes the exchange and collaboration between students, faculty, staff and the broader MSU community. Our community fosters diverse perspectives and critical thinking, empowering students to pursue equity and justice through public service and participation in civic life. 


Community Norms & Values

As a residential college designed to cultivate learning, belonging and human relationships, we promote a community based on the practice of these core values:

Integrity: building trust, honesty, mutual respect, reliability and ethical behavior 

Diversity: ensuring compasion, empathy and the vale of (respect for) difference

Equity and Justice: creating an environment in which equity and fairness are prioritized; promoting and valuing the wellness of all persons

Accountability: being willing to reflect upon as well as take responsibility for one's actions and behaviors in ways that are guided by community norms and values

Shared governance: collectively enhancing the inclusion of all community members in transparent decision making and knowledge related to the college

Pursuit of knowledge: valuing intellectual growth and acquisition of knowledge

Engagement: participating in service efforts related to the betterment of communities locally and around the world