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Gift Designations & Types of Funds

Donate to Madison Online

Most gifts to James Madison College are designated to the College’s Annual Fund. The JMC Annual Fund is unrestricted, meaning the Dean is able to allocate these private gifts to the areas of greatest need at James Madison College. 

The College has established other funds with a special purpose in mind.  You can make your next gift to one of the many funds listed below.  Donations to multiple funds are welcomed.  Please visit the links below to help you find the right designation(s) for your gift to James Madison College.

How to donate to a fund

1. Click on underlined fund names for more information.
2. Click on Allocation Code to make a gift now, using your American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. 
3. MSU's on-line giving site allows you to add multiple funds to your"cart" before processing your donation.

Types of Funds

Expendable Funds
Endowment Funds
Memorial Funds
Scholarship Funds