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Student Spotlight: Abigail Bies

June 16, 2022 - Jesús Hernandez and Beth Brauer

Abigail Bies is a rising junior with double majors in political theory and constitutional democracy (PTCD) and social relations and policy (SRP) in James Madison College. Bies plans to become an immigration lawyer.

Abigail stands in the Broad Art Lab and holds a painting
Abigail Bies proudly shows her artwork created at the Broad Art Lab. Photo provided by Bies.

Where are you from?

Lake Orion, Michigan

What extracurricular activities (education abroad, internship, field experience, RSOs) have you participated in?

I studied in Rome and Florence, Italy through the course program titled “Comparative Republicanism.” I’ve also worked as an intern at Beier Howlett, which is a law firm in Troy, Michigan. I am also the policy chair for Spartans for Sensible Drug Policy and am a member of Spartan Food Security Council.

What made you choose JMC and what have you liked most about your residential college experience so far?

James Madison’s atmosphere is what made me choose it for undergrad. I love that I get the Big Ten atmosphere with the intimacy of a residential college; it’s the best of both worlds.

What’s been your best memory as a student in James Madison?

My favorite JMC memory is the experience of the PTCD education abroad. It’s so nice to have a close bond with my peers, even across the world.

What about PTCD courses do you enjoy most?

I love that PTCD really gives me a strong base of philosophical logic and reasoning. Not only are the classes interesting and engaging, but I am also learning the foundations for my future in law.

How do you anticipate the PTCD education will transfer to other areas of your life?

By studying human nature, I am better able to self-reflect and gain life lessons from my education.

Who or what has been a great source of support since you started college?

The availability of my JMC professors has single handedly been my biggest support in my academic journey. I always can count on office hour appointments or prompt help over email with professors who truly care about me.