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Letter from the Editor

September 19, 2022 - Beth Brauer

Dear Madison Students:  

I hope the start of fall semester has been everything you hoped it to be and more! My name is Beth Brauer, and I lead the marketing and communications for James Madison College. 
Since I started last January, I have enjoyed meeting many of you and hope to get to know more of you this year! My goal is to create and produce high quality content for recruitment, social media, web and other digital and print products.
For those new to the college, JMC News is one of the main email communication sources used to share important news and stories, promote events and opportunities, and celebrate community members’ awards and achievements.
For students, staff and faculty, JMC News should land in your inbox twice monthly during the academic year and, for alumni, once a month. The first issue of the month will focus primarily on upcoming events and opportunities. The second issue (end of the month) will be more extensive with the addition of news and stories highlighting JMC students, faculty, staff and alumni. 
Additionally, content is regularly communicated to those who follow the college on Instagram, Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn. The JMC website should serve as an important resource and our Linkt.ree is another place to find current stories and important event registration links.
If you would like to contribute to the content that is created and promoted, please send your ideas to jmadison@msu.edu. For Student Views, Student Spotlights or stories, include the request in the subject line. If you are promoting an event for an RSO, include the event title and date in the subject line, and attach graphics sized appropriately for consideration. Anything that is to appear on the screens must be sized 1920 x 1080.
Have a great semester and GO GREEN!
Beth Brauer
Marketing and Communications Manager