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JMC students celebrated during scholarship awards dinner

May 4, 2023 - Beth Brauer

For the first time in three years, James Madison College celebrated numerous scholarship and award recipients in-person during the JMC Student Recognition Dinner on April 28 at the Graduate in East Lansing. Approximately 25 students were honored at the dinner.

senior award recipients

The college awarded a total of 10 students with the Outstanding Senior Award in their perspective disciplines. In the area of Comparative Cultures and Politics, or CCP, the following students were named: Tasfia Ahmed (CCP ’23), Noah Doederlein (SRP & CCP ’23), Zahra Ahmad (CCP ’22) and Carly Sandstrom (CCP & SRP ’23).

Kate Wills (IR ’23) was awarded Outstanding Senior for International Relations, and Jack Carlson (PTCD ’23) received the Outstanding Senior Award for Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, also known as the Jack Chapin Memorial Award. 

In the area of Social Relations and Policy, or SRP, the following students were honored as Outstanding Senior Award recipients: Raquel Acosta (SRP ’23), India Everson (SRP ’23), Madison Gladney (SRP ’23) and Karah Tanski (SRP & CCP ’23).

Isabelle Borr (IR ’24) and Zelal Houssein (IR ’24) were honored with the Michael and Audrey Rubner Scholarship for International Studies.

student with parents at table
Claire Smith (center) was one of two recipients of the Tramm Scholarship.

Other award recipients included Claire Smith (SRP ’25) and Thea Walerski (PTCD ’26) for the Sylvia E. Tramm Endowed Scholarship, awarded to outstanding sophomore students based on financial need and merit.

Three students received the Herbert Garfinkel Award for Outstanding Community Service: Ciera Borden (PTCD & SRP ’23), Karah Tanski and Mahek Khangura (PTCD ‘23).

Joy Cullen (IR ’23) and Noah Doederlein received the Michael G. Schechter All-University Endowed Award.

The Ron Dorr Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Writing went to Lexie Milukhin (SRP ’23), Laura Graham (IR ’23) and Emilio Perez (SRP ’26).

The Blaney Scholarship for Technology and International Affairs went to Logan Lamphier (PTCD ’23). This scholarship is open to students in all JMC majors that are using technology to advance their studies and work with international issues.

Noon Bannaga (CCP & IR ’24) was honored with both the Derek J. Sarafa Scholarship and the Blaine W. Strimple Endowed Scholarship in International Relations.

Established in memory of JMC alumnus Steve Kautz (’81), who became a scholar and professor of democratic leadership and American political theory and became dean of the MSU Honors College and associate dean in the College of Social Science, the Kautz Prize was awarded to Kyle Sims, a junior in the College of Social Science, majoring in political science- Prelaw. 

Each year Michigan State University Federal Credit Union funds the MSUFCU Paper Competition, recognizing student writing in public and international affairs. First prize went to Benjamin Ardis (IR & PTCD ’23) for his paper “Curse of the Congo: The Risk and Resolution of the Resource Curse in the Democratic Republic of the Congo”; SRP and CCP senior Karah Tanski’s paper “Getting White to the Pointe: A Study of City, Schools and Community in Eastpointe, Michigan” earned second place, and third place went to Ian Donohue (CCP ’23) for “Health and Human Rights: Ireland’s Policies of Abuse in Mother and Baby Homes.”

Kyrie Scholten (SRP ‘23), Jade McGuffey (PTCD & IR ‘26) and Evan Hu (IR ‘26) were recipients of the Doug Toma Scholarship for Outstanding Roommates and Case Hall Residents. The Toma Scholarship annually recognizes at least one JMC student who is a valued resident, neighbor and friend to the Case Hall Residential Community.

To learn more about some of the various JMC scholarships available to current students, visit the JMC Scholarships webpage.