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Zoom Links for Class and Office Hours

Madison Faculty have configured Zoom to use a static link for all of their classes and their office hours. Click on the number next to their name to automatically connect to their class or your appointment time via Zoom. If your faculty member is using the appointment system for office hours, you can click schedule next to their name to sign up for a time slot. If you're visiting virtually for office hours, please be respectful and only connect at your appointed time.

How to join a Zoom meeting

Zoom Tips on making sure you have as few issues as possible

Current time: 12:05 pm on Friday April 3

A note to those who would "Zoom Bomb" a meeting. All participants are logged. James Madison College will forward your computer's IP address and other information to MSU Police, Zoom Communications, and your Internet Service Provider. This could result in you losing your Internet access and/or being blacklisted from ever using Zoom again. Don't be that person. Is it really worth losing your Internet access?

Zoom Directory - requires MSU NetID