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Study Abroad

James Madison College is committed to expanding your understanding of other countries and cultures by encouraging you to plan a Study Abroad experience as part of your curriculum. Study Abroad contributes to academic advancement, intellectual and personal growth, and professional development, in addition to helping you to relate to other cultures and intellectual traditions. Together with Michigan State University’s Office of Study Abroad, James Madison College sponsors several summer and semester-long study abroad programs which allows students to fulfill degree requirements (including the Field Experience requirement) while gaining valuable experiences abroad. Below are descriptions of Madison-sponsored and partner programs. You can choose among short-duration, faculty-led programs offered during the Summer or Spring Break, full-semester programs in the Fall or Spring, and international internship programs available in any semester.

In addition to Madison-sponsored programs (offering Madison courses and/or content directly complementary to the Madison curriculum), Michigan State University offers numerous other programs which you might also consider. For a Madison-sponsored program, please select a destination from the links below. For the complete range of MSU-sponsored Study Abroad programs, go to the Office of Study Abroad website.

Summer Programs (Faculty-Led)

Semester Partner Programs (involving coursework at a foreign university)

Summer Partner Programs (involving coursework at a foreign university)

MSU International Internship Programs (JMC Field Experience)

Full-time internships, involving foreign language coursework and internship placements in foreign-language offices

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Field Experience, please contact Max Olivero, JMC Field Experience Coordinator, at oliverom or schedule an appointment online.