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Meet the Consultants

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Roebuck, and I am a Social Relations and Policy major (SRP) with a minor in economics entering my senior year at MSU. Along with being a writing consultant, you can also catch me at the Spartan Stadium, as I will be a Career Services assistant as well this year. Outside of school and working, I am a member of the W.E.B Dubois Society as well as a BSA member. I like to read, write, play basketball, listen to music and watch TV in my spare time. I hope to use this degree to explore a future career path in law one day, the JMC Career Exposure trip I took to California this summer was a real eye-opener in expanding those interests for me. I look forward to meeting more Madison students and working with you guys this year!

Hi! My name is Ellie Friedman, and I am a senior from West Bloomfield, MI studying Social Relations & Policy and Secondary Education for social studies and English.

In addition to being a part of the JMC Writing Center, I am a Teaching Assistant for MC 201, an advisor for MSU Tower Guard, and a research assistant in the Departments of Teacher Education and Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, hammocking, and wandering around campus.

My most meaningful experiences at JMC have happened at the Writing Center, and I am so excited for another year on the team. Being a part of the Writing Center excites me because I get to actively participate in JMC’s collaborative approach to instruction. Often, JMC courses leave us with more questions than answers, and I believe that writing is a tool we can use to make sense of new information and perspectives. I am particularly interested in working with students on growing their writing grammatically, stylistically, and organizationally. Whether you have a basic brainstorm or a rough draft, I’m looking forward to growing and learning with you.

Hi! My name is Dea Taipi, and I’m a senior in JMC. I’m double majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy (PTCD) & Social Relations and Policy (SRP) with a minor in Spanish. I’m truly looking forward to being a part of the Writing Consultancy this year! Some of my favorite memories in JMC involve studying with classmates and bouncing paper ideas off of my peers. I’ve loved reading, writing, and particularly grammar for as long as I can remember, so I feel very excited by this position!

Outside of the consultancy, I serve as Social Media chair of the College Volunteer Facilitator Corp (CVFC) and Pledgemaster of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Professional Fraternity. You can also find me on long campus walks, singing/writing songs, and baking new recipes. In the future, I hope to work as an immigration lawyer (but we’ll see where the wind takes me)! Feel free to come and chat with me about your work, we are in this together!

Hi everyone! My name is Belma Hodzic, and I’m a junior double-majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics (CCP) and World Politics, and minoring in Film Studies and Women and Gender Studies. Along with being a writing consultant, I am a Teaching Assistant for MC 201, a research assistant for Dr. Ana Bracic of the Department of Political Science, and a staff writer and mentor for the Her Campus Chapter at MSU. Outside of school and clubs, I love longboarding, biking, and being in nature! My career aspirations are to go into international aid and help relocate, settle, and integrate refugees. Being in JMC has been a wonderful experience, and I would love to extend my gratitude and knowledge to others! I hope to help students find their voice and give advice on writing style, structure, and time management. JMC writing can be a difficult task, but I hope that with aid and confidence, you’ll soon come to love it. I look forward to meeting you!

My name is Hannah Faye Nassar, and I’m majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics (CCP) with minors in International Development and Peace and Justice Studies. Throughout my time at MSU, I’ve conducted undergraduate research as a Wielenga Research Scholar, studied abroad in Salvador, Brazil, been an active member of the Painting Club, and currently serve as a JMC Writing Consultant.

In my free time, you can find me reading science-fiction novels, listening to music and podcasts, painting, and spending time with my friends! My ambition lies in the art of creation, and I'm determined to use this passion to influence opportunities, policies and spaces for underrepresented communities after graduation. I'm excited to get to know many of you in the JMC Writing Center, and look forward to working with you!

Hello! My name is Ryan Meister and I'm a senior from Huntley, Illinois. I'm currently doing a dual degree in International Relations and Political Science (Pre-Law) and minors in European Studies and Law, Justice, and Public Policy. I currently serve as the Professional Development of KAPi, MSU's co-ed pre-law fraternity. Additionally, I am currently in the Political Science Scholars program, under which I am an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for a Constitutional Law course. I am currently in the process of applying for law school, where I want to go into International Law! I look forward to meeting you all and working with everyone this year!