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James Madison Scholarships

James Madison College Study Abroad Scholarships

The College is accepting applications from James Madison College students for scholarships to support participation in Study Abroad programs in Summer 2018 and Fall 2018. While you need to specify the program for which you're applying, you need not have been formally accepted into the program at the time of the scholarship application. The application deadline for BOTH semesters is Friday February 9, 2018.

Application materials are online, at:

Student Application Form | Faculty Reference Form

Students do not need to be enrolled in Study Abroad credit at the time of application, but must be enrolled before receiving the award. Recipients are also expected to complete a Letter of Acknowledgement to the scholarship donor.

All applicants will automatically be considered for the Smith-Zinman Award, the JMC Alumni Association Awards, the Burton Gerber Award, the Lily Ann Klinger Memorial Award (for SRP students), and the Dean's Awards.

For more information, please contact Max Olivero, oliveromat msu dot edu, or at 517-353-6757.