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JMC Spartans nominated for prestigious national scholarships and awards

February 28, 2022 - Beth Brauer

Ten Michigan State University students are nominated for 12 prestigious national awards this year. Four out of 10 are students in the James Madison College.

The nominee for the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program is Qing Guan, a senior majoring in international relations, and social relations and policy in JMC, as well as economics in the College of Social Science. Guan is also a member of the Honors College.

The program provides a paid one-year research internship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for approximately 12 graduating seniors or recent graduates.

Ellie Baden

Madison students Elyse Baden, Ishaan Modi and Gabriel Sandoval are all nominees for the Truman Scholarship Foundation, which recognizes students with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to effecting change through public service. The Truman Scholarship provides financial support for graduate study and leadership training for approximately 62 students.

Baden, a junior majoring in political theory and constitutional democracy, as well as social relations and policy in James Madison College, and interdisciplinary humanities in the College of Arts and Letters, is a member of the Honors College and plans to pursue a career in environmental policy.

“I am honored and excited to be nominated, and so grateful for Michigan State’s support of my academic and professional pursuits,” Baden said.

Modi, a junior majoring in social relations and policy in James Madison College; history, philosophy and sociology of science in Lyman Briggs College and a member of the Honors College, plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Ishaan Modi

“As an aspiring physician, MSU’s nomination for the Truman Scholarship is incredibly empowering in my quest to deconstruct health inequities,” said Modi, “It also is a validation of my interdisciplinary approach to my education and leadership here on campus.”

“I would like to give a specific note of appreciation for James Madison College and one of my faculty mentors, Professor Susan Stein-Roggenbuck, for making this nomination possible,” Modi said.

Sandoval, a junior majoring in comparative cultures and politics in James Madison College, public and professional writing in the College of Arts and Letters, and a member of the Honors College, said the nomination reaffirms his commitment to a career in public service.

“The nomination encourages me to continue studying public policy and to continue my research on culture and policy in the Middles East,” said Sandoval, “I am excited to see that the hard work that I have put in to studying what I am passionate about will continue to help me be successful in the future.”

Gabriel Sandoval

Administered by the Honors College, the National and International Fellowships and Scholarships Office helps interested undergraduate and graduate students pursue major national and international awards by providing information and direct support throughout the competitive application processes. 

Baden is also a nominee for the Udall Scholarship. The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for leadership, public service and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or the environment. Each year, the foundation awards up to $7,000 for educational expenses to approximately 55 students.

“Students in our college are doing incredible work — from civics to advocacy to complex research,” said Cameron Thies, JMC dean and MSU Foundation Professor.

“JMC students cover the gamut and, to see four of the 10 Spartans recognized for these highly competitive scholarships are James Madison students, is a testament to the rigor and quality education they are receiving,” Thies said.

Photos provided by each student. In order of appearance: Elyse Baden, Ishaan Modi and Gabriel Sandoval.