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Two JMC Professors Receive 2020 #iteachmsu Educator Award

November 10, 2020

A new initiative at MSU recognizes educators in the community who contribute to the university’s teaching and learning mission. The Thank an Educator initiative, which launched in 2018 through #iteachmsu at the MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, is a community-led effort aimed at valuing and celebrating the contributions that so many make to MSU. 
The initiative honors faculty, teaching assistants, undergraduate learning assistants, instructional designers, academic advisers and other educators who provide outstanding undergraduate, graduate and professional education to students.
Professor Sharlissa Moore was recognized for her commitment to all students. "She is remarkably dedicated to all students at MSU and their genuine growth as individuals and professionals. Despite having never met me and not having me in any of her classes, Professor Moore at down with me for close to an hour to give me resources and speak with me about her field," one stuent said. "She's widely known in Madison as a kind and outstandingly effective professor."
Another student said of Professor Moore, "She advocates for her students' success in their professional and personal lives to an extent that demonstrates unbridled enthusiasm, commitment, and compassion for education. She is always looking for opportunities for students to grow and develop as individuals and as professionals."
Professor Galia Benítez was also recognized for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching. "She brings a remarkable energy into class and radiates the firm belief that every student has something to offer the class," her nomination said. "She's both warm and challenging with her students, creating an environment that challenges us to learn while ensuring we are comfortable with our own gaps in knowledge."
For more information on the awards, visit the #iteachmsu website