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Message from Dean Garnett

February 6, 2020

Dear Alumni—

I wanted you to be aware that I have decided that my last day as dean will be May 15th. I am not retiring, but I will be taking some time off before returning to the College as a faculty member. I especially wanted you to know that I have enjoyed these two decades of service to the College, especially my encounters with the alumni.  You are an amazing group, accomplished, innovative, eager to help current students, and always offering an example of how to take a Madison education into the wider world. It has been a great privilege to serve this college as dean.

Sherman Garnett


Dean Garnett is currently the longest serving dean at MSU. He began his term on August 1, 1999.  He has led the college through the retirement of many revered faculty members and the hiring of an amazingly gifted and talented 3rd and 4th generation of Madison faculty members. Dean Garnett has brought new programs like the Muslim Studies minor, the Science Technology Environment, and Public Policy minor (STEPPS) and the new major of Comparative Cultures and Politics to the JMC curriculum. He has steered the College through difficult times including the fiscal downturn of the Great Recession and the Nassar and larger sexual assault crisis at MSU. He has also built our outreach programs to alumni and donors, including celebrations of the 35th, 40th, and 50th Anniversaries of the college.  We are grateful for his service to JMC and MSU and look forward to more advancement and reflection during the coming months.