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Message to the James Madison College Community

Dear Madisonians,

These past weeks have been a particularly painful time, as we’ve witnessed with shock and disgust, the brutal murder by the police of George Floyd coming on top of the recent killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, and Tony McDade, among many other African Americans.  These deaths are punctuated by the violence that has accompanied protests against police brutality and a COVID pandemic that has ravaged Black, Brown, and indigenous communities in particular, including in our own state of Michigan. Acknowledging this systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence is imperative, but acknowledgement is also insufficient.  A large part of the work of Madison students and faculty is to study social, economic, and political inequalities and injustices and to act on our knowledge to make this world a better place.  Now is the time to use what we’ve learned, to speak out and resist racism and to build coalitions and bridges. It’s also a time to recognize the acute stress that so many in our communities are experiencing. For those with racial privilege, we must work together to help eradicate racism. While we have much work to do, James Madison College is committed to building a community that enacts justice and promotes equity.

 Below are listed some resources you may find helpful.  Our (virtual) doors are open to you as well, and we look forward to working with you. Please be safe and take care of yourself and others. 

Linda Racioppi, Jeff Judge, and Amber Benton