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Quick Madison Facts

  • Madison has about 1200 students, with each freshman class numbering approximately 330.
  • First year Madison students follow a common curriculum including two Madison courses: a yearlong Writing course and a yearlong introductory course on Public Affairs.

Madison has four majors:

  • International Relations
  • Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy
  • Social Relations
  • Comparative Cultures and Politics
  • Course sizes range from 8-35 students with most sections averaging about 25 students
  • Madison's faculty are PhD's and occasionally PhD candidates. Graduate students, upperclassmen and alumni are used to support the programs as tutors, mentors, and guest speakers.
  • MSU accepts Advanced Placement and credit from other institutions under MSU's General Guidelines
  • Madison boasts numerous Major Award Recipients:
    • Students:
      • 5 Rhodes Scholars
      • 11 Truman Scholars
      • 13 Fulbright Scholars
      • 8 Marshall Scholars
      • 4 National Science Foundation Fellows
      • 1 George Mitchell Fellow
    • Faculty:
      • 10 MSU Teacher Scholars
      • 4 Distinguished University Professors
      • 2 University Distinguished Professors
      • 6 State of Michigan Awardees
  • 20% of the 2006-2007 Phi Beta Kappa class at MSU were Madison students
  • 20% of Madison students are in the Honors College
  • Madison Alumni have attended numerous Graduate & Law Schools including (but not limited to):
    • Harvard, Yale, the University of Chicago, Stanford, Georgetown, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, as well as the University of Michigan, Detroit-Mercy, Wayne State, Vanderbilt, George Washington, Duke, London School of Economics, and MSU.
  • Madison students must fulfill a Field Experience requirement by completing an internship and/or a study abroad program
  • Madison has numerous study abroad programs, including programs in - Brussels, Budapest/Prague, the Caribbean and Cambridge
  • Dual Majors are possible within Madison and with other Colleges
  • Admissions procedures and costs are the same as MSU. Madison students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships from MSU.