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Memorial Funds

A number of Memorial funds have been established to create a lasting legacy for some special Madisonians.

Memorial Funds at James Madison College Allocation Code  
Jack Paynter Endowed Lecture Fund AJ00961
Anthony Olcott Endowed Scholarship AJ001231
Douglas J. Hoekstra Endowment for the Study of American Politics and Political Institutions AJ0075
Peter Lyman Endowment for the Application and Study of Technology
Herbert Garfinkel Memorial Endowment Fund for Citizenship and Democracy AJ0071
Jack Chapin Memorial Endowment and Prize AJ0100
Steven J. Kautz Endowment AJ001224
Lily Ann Klinger Endowed Memorial Fund in James Madison AJ0072
Rachel P. Kahan Memorial Scholarship for the MSU/Washington D.C. Internship Program AJ00123
Daniel Rosenthal Legislative Award Endowment Fund AJ040
Derek J. Sarafa Scholarship Fund AJ00139
Doug Toma Scholarship for Outstanding Roommates and Case Hall Residents at James Madison College AJ00121 
Frank and Adelaide Kussy Memorial Scholarship for the Study of the Holocaust AJ013
Sylvia E. Tramm Scholarship Fund AJ0095