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Endowment Funds

Madison has over 23 endowed funds that support student scholarships. A short description of each is available below. The college has a total of 36 endowments that also support faculty development, co-curricular activities and student recognition awards. Endowed funds can be created at MSU with gifts totaling $50,000 during a pledge period of five years.

Endowment Chart
If you want to make a gift now, using your American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover card:

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Endowed Scholarships


Habib Family Endowed Scholarship
John’s financial support for student scholarships advances this understanding, knowledge, and determination to seek solutions to complicated contemporary world issues

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Michael G. Schechter Endowed Scholarship Fund for James Madison College
The Schechter Endowment was created to honor one of Madison’s most revered professors, teachers and mentors by his former students, colleagues and friends.  Professor Schechter started his career at JMC in 1975 and retired in 2012.  The endowment supports undergraduate scholarships at the college.


Richard W. and Merrill W. Evans Scholarship Endowment for James Madison College
Evans Scholarships are for first generation college students enrolled in JMC; primarily providing 4-year awards supporting student throughout their undergraduate education with some one year awards available intermittently. Professor Emeritus Richard Evans co-founded the Madison first year writing program in 1974 and taught at the college for 26-years. He created the scholarship with his wife Merrill in 2014.

Katherine O’Sullivan See Endowment for James Madison College Field Experience in Social Activism and Philanthropic Work
The See Endowment was created to honor one of Madison’s most beloved professors, teachers and mentors by her former students, colleagues and friends.  Professor See started her career at JMC in 1977 and retired in 2009.  The endowment supports scholarships for students during their semester long field experience internship.

M. Richard and Beth G. Zinman Scholarship Endowment Fund for James Madison College
The Zinman Endowment was created to honor one of Madison’s most engaging professors and teachers at the college.  Professor Zinman started his career at Madison in 1969 and continues to “corrupt” the minds of youthful Madisonians.  The endowment fund is designed to support students undertaking individual (or small group) projects of excellence under the guidance of a faculty member in James Madison College.

Peter Lyman Endowment at James Madison College for the Application and Study of Technology
During two decades (1967-1987) Professor G. Peter Lyman left an indelible mark on the students, his colleagues, and James Madison College.  The endowment fund is designed to support student or faculty research projects involving technology, with scholarships and grants.  Funds can also be used to purchase technological equipment for the college.

Doug Toma Scholarship for Outstanding Roommates and Case Hall Residents at James Madison College
This award was created in memory of Madison alumnus J. Douglas Toma (Socio-Economics ’86) by his college roommate and friends.  It recognizes an outstanding roommate and resident of Case Hall as nominated by fellow students, roommates, resident assistants and residential staff each year.

Doug J. Hoekstra Endowment for the Study of American Politics and Political Institutions in James Madison College
Doug Hoekstra was a central figure on the faculty of Madison College for nearly four decades.  This award was created in his memory by family, friends and colleagues.  It is currently supporting students during their field experience with scholarships.  The funds can also be used for student and faculty research studying American politics and political institutions.

Dixie C. Platt James Madison Fellows Scholarship
The Platt scholarship was established to attract talented students to James Madison College at Michigan State University. The scholarship is currently awarded to one first year student and is renewable for that student's next three years at JMC.

Schmidt Family Endowed Scholarship for James Madison College
The Schmidt Family Scholarship was created to help students with a financial need attend James Madison College.  All students entering the college are eligible to receive the scholarship.  There is no application process.  The JMC Admission Office makes the award based on financial need profiles provided to MSU.

Mary P. Dye Study Abroad Scholarship for International Relations
The Dye Scholarship was created by Robert J. Dye (IR ’95) to honor his mother. Mary Dye taught Bob, his sister and others the value of an international education and traveling abroad. This endowment funds a Study Abroad award and the outstanding student award for International Relations at James Madison College..

Michael and Audrey Rubner Scholarship for International Studies
This scholarship was established to honor Professor Rubner and his wife Audrey. Mike retired from James Madison College in June of 2004 after 34 years of teaching excellence. Preference is given to students with an interest in the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy-making, or international security studies. Description

Blaine W. Strimple Endowed Scholarship in International Relations
Mr. Strimple traveled throughout the world in the US Air Force and as a private citizen. He learned how uninformed Americans were about other people and places in the world and vice versa. This scholarship was created to promote mutual tolerance and understanding in the world. Mr. Strimple believes that studying international relations, learning language skills and traveling the globe will help to change negative impressions and prejudices along with focusing people on their common hopes and desires where ever they live in the world.

Smith/Zinman Award for Study Abroad
Randall S. Smith (JMC-’73) established this award in honor of Professor M. Richard Zinman of James Madison College. This award is given to a JMC student participating in a Study Abroad experience to assist with tuition and room and board expenses during the overseas experience.

Freeman-Darling James Madison Fellows Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Janet Freeman and her daughter Marilyn Darling (JMC-’75). The scholarship is designed to reward excellence in both academic and extra curricular activities and helps attract and retain gifted students.

Nelson and Marlene Cummings Scholarship
Jeffrey Cummings (JMC-1984) established this scholarship to honor his parents. Students apply through an essay contest for first year students. A student’s contribution to diversity at JMC along with academic achievement, financial need and commitment to community service shall be considered.

JMC Alumni Scholarship Fund
Established by the JMC Alumni Association, these scholarships are awarded based on an essay competition. Traditionally two scholarships have been given to first year students to encourage them to attend JMC.  The fund has grown and now awards an additional six scholarships to students participating in Study Abroad and the Field Experience Programs.

JMC Alumni Scholarship for Diversity Fund
Established in 1991 by the JMC Alumni Association, this scholarship is also awarded based on an essay competition of applicable students. The purpose of the scholarship is to support diversity within the James Madison College student body and the college as a whole.

James Madison Field Experience Support Fund
This fund was established to provide scholarships for juniors and seniors as they fulfill the field experience portion of their education. Every Madison student is required to complete a 14-week internship as part of their academic program.

Burton L. and Rosalie P. Gerber Scholarship
Designed for International Relations majors at JMC, this scholarship rewards academic excellence, diverse extra curricular activities and public service. Recipients must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and preference is given to students interested in a career in a United States foreign affairs agency, foreign affairs field, military service, international law or trade.

Sylvia E. Tramm Endowed Scholarship
Sylvia Tramm was a lifelong advocate, activist and volunteer in support of public education and the opportunity it promises for all.  This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding sophomore student based on financial need and merit.

Frank and Adelaide Kussy Endowment Fund
This endowment supports student and faculty research on the Holocaust and its legacy,    including academic projects and educational efforts. The fund was established by Jack and Henriette Warren to honor the memory of Mrs. Warren’s parents.

A. Gordon Adams, Jr. James Madison Fellows Scholarship
The Adams scholarship was established to attract talented students to James Madison College at Michigan State University. The scholarship is currently awarded to one first year student and is renewable for their next three years at JMC.

Rachel P. Kahan Memorial Scholarship for the MSU/Washington D.C. Internship Program
Established by family and friends in her memory, the Rachel P. Kahan (IR ’07) Memorial Scholarship award strives to honor her enthusiastic spirit of community engagement by assisting MSU students who wish to participate in the MSU/Washington, DC Study Program as Rachel did.


Oginsky Family and Friends Scholarship Endowment for James Madison College
The Oginsky Family Scholarship supports awards for students attending Madison with a desire to give back to their community. Preference is given to first year students graduating from high schools in Genesee County, and awards are renewable for up to three more years at JMC.