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Annual Fund

Donate to Madison Online

The Annual Fund at James Madison College provides funding for scholarships, technology upgrades, student activities and much more. Most donors designate their gift to the general account giving the Dean the flexibility to spend funds on the College’s highest priorities or new opportunities that arise during the year. Donors also have the option to allocate their gift to one or multiple designations in the College. 

About 800 donors made a contribution to James Madison College during the last fiscal year. The College asks each alumnus and many friends to consider making annual gifts to support Madison’s mission. Over 7,000 alumni are contacted by telephone or direct mail each year. Last year 12% of Madison alumni contributed to the College. We have a goal of raising alumni participation above 25%. Alumni giving above 25% will more accurately reflect the quality of a Madison education and compare favorably with peer institutions.

Many alumni say the best education they received was their Madison undergraduate education and most feel they received a good education. A gift to James Madison College is an excellent way to show your appreciation and provide extra resources for current students and faculty to continue the tradition of high academic achievement, strong communication skills and sound leadership.

Thank you in advance for making a difference and investing in Madison!