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Life after Madison

Spartan Sagas features MSU gradutes with a story to tell. Check out what our James Madison College graduates have to say.


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The JMC curriculum, with its multidisciplinary perspective and focus on applied social science, prepares students to face real world challenges with maturity, creativity, and responsibility. Consequently, the College’s name garners considerable respect. Across Michigan, throughout the Midwest, and increasingly, throughout the country and world, new graduates find many opportunities available to them based on previous contact by employers with Madison students and graduates.

Change maker, entrepreneur, reformer, activist, strategist, regulator, advocate, these are just some of the words that describe our graduates. We often get asked, "So, what can I do once I graduate?” The answer is just about anything. Take a look at the variety of positions that our graduates hold:

Advertising Manager, Sprint
Adviser, US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
Analyst, National Security Administration
Budget Analyst, MI State Budget Office
Community Services Coordinator, American Red Cross
Consultant, IBM Global Services
Economist, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
English Instructor, Peace Corps
Lawyer, US Department of Justice
Middle School Teacher, Portland Public Schools
Prosecutor, Oakland County, MI
Refugee Processing Case Manager, US Conference of Catholic Bishops – Refugee Services
Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Second Lieutenant, US Air Force Intelligence

Additionally, many of our students are interested in attending graduate and law school. These schools hold Madison students in high regard and look favorably upon students who have done well in our program. Madison students have gone on to graduate programs in Business, Economics, Public Health, International Relations, Sociology, Russian Literature, Urban Affairs, Resource Development, and Journalism.

James Madison College offers exceptional prelaw and graduate study preparation. Today, approximately 20% of our graduates go directly on to pursue advanced degrees. Our graduates have been accepted to some of the most prestigious law programs in the nation, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, and the University of Chicago.