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Preparing for NSO

New Student Orientation will take place throughout the summer before you begin your fall semester here at MSU. While part of the orientation will focus on MSU information and experiences, you will also meet with your Madison advisors to learn more about our program and to schedule classes for your first academic year.

We want to share with you a few points for consideration prior to your NSO session. It will help you (and help us to help you!) if you come prepared, having already given some thought to these points.

  • Take your math placement test online before May 26th. You can also take the placement test at NSO. If you have not taken it prior to NSO, you will be required to take the proctored test at orientation. If you have questions about the test, please email them to mps@math.msu.edu
  • JMC has a 2 year foreign language proficiency requirement. Start thinking about what language you will use to fulfill this requirement. If you have previously studied French, Spanish, German, or Mandarin and wish to continue studying the language, you will need to complete an online placement test before NSO or you can take the proctored test at NSO. Placement for other languages will be determined through advising meetings. If you will start a new language at MSU, you do not need a placement test on file. You can refer to the Languages at MSU flyer for more information on languages offered.
  • Our advising staff will help you enroll for classes so that you will leave NSO with a complete schedule for both fall and spring semesters. We will encourage most students to enroll for 14-16 credits each semester. Please start thinking about your preferences and be prepared to work with us to craft a schedule that satisfies those preferences. You can consult the list of Academic Programs and the MSU Course Schedule as needed, but don’t stress yourself out! Our advisors will guide you through determining your best schedule at NSO!  
  • Please start checking your MSU email account daily for important information. This is how you will receive updates and reminders. 

Questions? Please contact any of our NSO advisors for help (see below for contact info). We look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation very soon! 

  • Emelia Hammond (ehammond)
  • Lindsay Snyder (thornh12)
  • Max Olivero (oliverom)
  • Amber Benton (bentonam)
  • Jeff Judge, Assistant Dean (judgej)