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Chris Tyson

Chris  Tyson
  • Student Writing Consultant
  • Staff


Office Hours: Mondays 7-10pm


Hi! My name Chris and I’m a fifth-year student studying Social Relations and Policy, Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, and Women and Gender Studies. Since COVID has entered our lives, I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying my old pastimes like biking, cooking, taking pictures of my cat, learning Black history, and playing video games. I’ve also recently started new hobbies like writing music, relearning how to play the trumpet, and watercolor painting. I’m excited to be a Writing Consultant during your first year in James Madison and I look forward to helping you transition to college! 

During my first year, I was far more interested in getting “good” grades and building my resume than utilizing my faculty, peers, extracurriculars, and classes to explore and pursue what truly mattered to me. Instead of approaching my readings, office hour visits, and writing assignments as opportunities to critically examine who I am, where I am, and the world I hope to create, too often I was preoccupied with wanting to prove myself to my peers and faculty through criteria that I didn’t create and value. However, as I’ve learned to subordinate my ego to my real intellectual, political, and social desires, I’ve slowly found myself building relationships with faculty, peers, and community members that are oriented around how we can recreate the world in ways meaningful to us. Although I still often struggle with reading, writing, and discussing in ways that are pleasurable and replenishing, finding passionate peers with similar concerns and hopes has helped me locate myself within the college, history, and my community. 

This semester, I will be working at the Consultancy on Monday evenings from 7-10 p.m. Please stop by anytime to get constructive feedback on any writing assignment and, if we have time, general advice on how to survive and thrive at Madison.