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Constance Hunt

Constance  Hunt
  • Associate Professor
  • Faculty
  • Case Hall Room S308
  • 842 Chestnut Rd
  • East Lansing, MI 48825
  • 517-355-0292


Ph.D., Boston College; Political Science
Associate Professor

Dr. Hunt has special interests in constitutionalism and law, literature and politics, and the history of political theory, including women and political philosophy. Her dissertation is entitled, The Orbit of Politics: A Study of Aristotle, Machiavelli and The Federalist on the Size of the Political Community. She served as Assistant Dean from 2003-2006, Director of Academic Affairs from 1998-2003, Director of Institutional Planning from 1996-1998 and Bradley Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow for 1995-97. She published The Origins of National Identity in Shakespeare's Henry V in Perspectives on Political Science, Summer 2007, and The Persistence of Theocracy: Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter in Winter 2009. She is currently developing research on Kazuo Ishiguro's work.

In 2010, Professor Hunt began co-directing the Interdisciplinary and Teaching Fellows Program (IIT), a joint initiative between James Madison College and the MSU Graduate School. She received the 2012 MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Awards in recognition of outstanding undergraduate teaching, a Michigan State University all-university award. And in 2013, she was named one of the Top 15 Distinguished Professors of the Year by the Presidents Council of Michigan.


Professor Constance Hunt received the 2016 ASMSU Senior Class Council Outstanding Faculty Award spring 2016.

Professor Constance Hunt was awarded the 2013 Top 15 Distinguished Professor of the Year Award by the Presidents Council of Michigan. The Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan serves as a forum for the presidents and chancellors of Michigan's 15 public universities to discuss and frame positions on key higher education finance and policy issues.  

Colleen Tremonte and Constance Hunt are part of a multi-college team led by the MSU’s Graduate School who developed and won the grant funded by the Teagle Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. MSU will use a $50,000 grant from the Council of Graduate Schools to prepare future faculty for a career in academia, focusing especially on science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Professors Constance Hunt and Colleen Tremonte are part of a multi-college team led by MSU's Graduate School who developed and won a grant funded by the Teagle Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to prepare future faculty for a career in academia. MSU is one of seven universities - the only university in Michigan - to receive an award

Professors Constance Hunt and Colleen Tremonte, and Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Teaching (IIT) Fellows Betsy Ferrer and Baburhan Uzum, participated on a roundtable on "SOITL, Graduate Education and the Pedagogic Imagination," at the Association for Integrative Studies Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, in October 2011.

Connie Hunt published "The Persistence of Theocracy: Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter" in Perspectives on Political Science, winter 2009. She delivered a paper, "Eros and Techne in Ishiguro's Never Let me Go," at the 2009 Midwest Political Science Association convention in April 2009.

Professor Constance Hunt published the article "The Origins of National Identity in Shakespeare's Henry V" was in Perspectives on Political Science, Summer 2007.

Constance Hunt and Eric Petrie attended the 2006 APSA Conference in Philadephia. Hunt delivered the paper entitled: "Situating Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter" and Petrie delivered a paper entitled: "Power of Pilgrimage after the Death of God: Melville's Clarel"