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Lia Bommarito

Lia  Bommarito
  • Student Writing Consultant
  • Staff


Office Hours: Sundays 7-10pm

Hi, my name is Lia! I’m currently a junior majoring in social relations and policy and arts and humanities. I’m a local to the Lansing area, meaning that I grew up not a 20 minute drive from MSU’s campus (and I know all the cool spots around here). I love painting (watercolor and acrylic) and crafting projects; I crochet and love to make tapestries, cozies and blankets. I’ve always been interested in writing, especially creative writing, and enjoy writing poetry, fictional prose, and scripts in my free time. 

In my transition from high school to attending school here at Michigan State University, I struggled mostly with being removed from the social groups I grew accustomed to when I lived in my hometown. Making an entirely new set of acquaintances, friends, peers, and professors seems like climbing Mt. Everest as a fresh-faced 17 year old starting college. Still, James Madison College offers a very unique atmosphere as a smaller residential college in which students get to know the people in their graduating class and many of the professors that specialize in their major. Additionally, the small community means there are specific organizations targeted to students at James Madison, such as the Stonewall Society of MSU for LGBTQ+ Madisonians or W.E.B. Dubois Society hosted by James Madison students which fosters awareness around the lived experiences of Black people. There is a place for each and every incoming student here in James Madison College, and the college is ready to accept new students with an open mind and heart.