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JMC ASMSU Candidate Debate

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 7:00 pm

Location: 342 Case Hall

The students running for the James Madison College Representative seat for ASMSU, MSU's student government, will be debating each other in Case Hall Rm. 342 before the elections April 1-5.

Please submit questions you would like to see the candidates debate by Friday, March 22 using your MSU email. ONLY current JMC students are allowed to ask questions.


Each candidate will get 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their platform and 1 minute to respond to each of the 3-5 questions they are asked. Candidates will not see the questions beforehand but will receive the topic of the questions.

***This is NOT a political or party debate. ASMSU is a non-partisan organization and the purpose of this debate is for students to get to know the JMC candidates and their goals better. We hope this debate will help students make informed decisions on who they vote for in the elections!