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Panic City: the Paradoxes of Public-Private Policing in Johannesburg

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 05:00 pm

Speaker: Professor Martin Murray, University of Michigan Professor of Urban Planning and Sociology

Location: JMC Library

Professor Murray has completed two books on city building and spatial politics in Johannesburg after apartheid. The first – Taming the Disorderly City (Cornell University Press, 2008) – examines the challenges for urban planning in Johannesburg after the end of apartheid. The second – City of Extremes: Spatial Politics in Johannesburg (Duke University Press, 2011) – looks at the spatiality of wealth and poverty in Johannesburg. In addition, the third (as yet unfinished) installment in the intended trilogy – Panic City: Johannesburg in the Popular Imagination – investigates the intersection of public policing and private security in contemporary Johannesburg.  His current research focuses on two fields of inquiry: first, the trajectories of global urbanism at the start of the 21st century; and second, the turn toward master-planned, holistically-designed "private cities" built from scratch, especially those currently under construction or in the planning stages in urban Africa.