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Race In 21st Century America: The 10th National Conference

Thursday, April 13, 2017 8:30 am

Location: Kellogg Center, MSU

Race in 21st Century America: The 10th National Conference

Eventbrite - Race in 21st Century America: The 10th National Conference

The tenth biennial Race in 21st Century America conference is FREE to attend and it brings to campus leading scholars, community activists, public officials and residents, representing racial, ethnic, gender and ideological diversity, to participate in an important conversation with the MSU community about the problem of race in America. Though the conference will cover a number of areas, our theme this year is Race, Gender and Sexuality. The race conference, as we call it, is fundamentally designed to examine systems of power and privilege in the United States, especially the ways in which they impact communities of color. We also identify specific goals and strategies that promote democratic, yet radically transformative, social, economic and political structures…Our project is not simply about identifying and examining problems, but especially proposing actionable recommendations for addressing twenty-first century challenges.


Rafael Moure-Eraso
Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Topic: "Occupational Health of Latino Workers: Is There Still a Need for Identity Politics?"
Kellogg Auditorium
Robert D. Bullard
Texas Southern University
Topic: "The Wrong Complexion for Protection: Why Race and Place Still Matter in the Twenty-First Century"
Kellogg Auditorium
Urvashi Vaid
Managing Director of the Vaid Group LCC
Topic: "Pawns in Their Game: Race, Gender & Sexuality in American Politics Today"
Kellogg Auditorium
Patricia Hill Collins
University of Maryland, College Park
Topic: "Taking a Stand: Anti-Racism, Intersectionality and Coalition Politics"
Kellogg Auditorium


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