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Outsourcing Migration Management in the European Union

Monday, November 4, 2019 5:00 pm

Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Micinski

Location: JMC Library (3rd flood, Case Hall)

Based on fieldwork in six EU countries and 90 interviews with senior policy makers, Dr. Micinski examines why the EU outsourced migration management to international organizations (IOs) during the recent refugee crisis. Through his work, Dr. Micinksi found that from 2015-17, the EU gave 99% of emergency funding for refugees to the Italian government, whereas in Greece the EU gave 73% of funding to IOs.

This striking contrast raises the question: why delegate responsibility to IOs in Greece but not Italy? Dr. Micinski concludes that the EU delegated to IOs when state capacity was low and when there were no credible partners. He traces the evolution of migration state capacity in Greece and Italy leading up to and throughout the 2015-17 refugee crisis and the tumultuous European politics since the crisis. This lecture will explore the intersection of migration policy, state capacity, sovereignty and the future of the European Union.