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James Madison College Diversity and Inclusion Data and Information Archives

Over the past weeks, we have seen headline after headline of unfortunate tragic and traumatizing events across the globe. Many of which have claimed the lives of several individuals including two highly televised and police-involved deaths of Black men, and most recently five Dallas Police Officers. Our hearts go out to the families and communities, both domestically and abroad, who’ve suffered such painful losses. We acknowledge that as a part of a collective community, many of us our hurting.

As a residential college on the campus of Michigan State University, James Madison College understands the ways such events can trigger deep feelings of frustration, grief, and fear. As such, this all the more requires us to reach out to one another to promote mutual respect and self-care. In times like these we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that Madison will always be a place that values and celebrates the differences among all of our diverse communities.

As a college, we acknowledge our responsibility to do our best to support all students, staff, faculty and alumni during these challenging times. We want to ensure all are aware of campus resources available to assist in self-care during such tragedies. Members of our community should feel free to reach out to the following offices as needed:

Counseling Center
207 Student Services Building
(517) 355-8270

Olin Health Center
Located on East Circle Drive between Berkey Hall and the Grand River parking ramp.
(517) 884-OLIN (6546)

Staff may access the Employee Assistance Program in the Office of the University Physician
(517) 353-8933

If you are on or around campus and feel particularly concerned about your safety, contact the MSU Police Department:

1120 Red Cedar Rd.
(517) 355-2221
(In case of emergency, call 911)

Please feel free to contact Professor Robert Bathwaite or Beatriz Navarro-Garcia.

Entering Class by Race and Ethnicity, 2009-2015 (updated annually beginning 12/15)

6 year breakdown of JMC incoming class by race and ethnicity.

Total Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity, 2015 (updated annually beginning 12/15)

Total JMC breakdown by race and ethnicity, as well as major and gender.

Correspondence with Dean Garnett regarding racial concerns within Madison

A series of correspondence between students, faculty, and administration regarding racial climate concerns within JMC.

JMC Inclusion Committee Meeting Notes

If you are interested or would like more information, please feel free to contact Professor Robert Bathwaite or Beatriz Navarro-Garcia.