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Student Organizations

Student Organizations, you can request a room online.

Dubois Society

Email: msuduboissociety@gmail.com

First Year Mentor Program

Mission: First Year Mentor Program connects first year students with upper class Madisonians to help with the first year transition.
Advisor: Amber Benton
Website: jmc.msu.edu/diversity/first-year-mentor-program.php

James Madison College Student Senate (JMCSS)

Mission: To increase interaction between students, faculty and alumni.
Advisors: Max Olivero & Sam Troutman
Web: https://jmcstudentsenate.com/
Email: JMCSenate@gmail.com

James Madison College Writing Consultancy

Student-based help with reading, writing, and test taking
Advisor: Allison Berg
Web: http://www.jmc.msu.edu/wc/

Kappa Omega Alpha

A pre-law and public policy co-ed professional fraternity.
Email: harvey49@msu.edu

International Relations Organization (IRO)

Promotes cultural awareness and foreign policy in a competitive model UN format.
Advisor: Yael Aronoff
Web: http://www.msuiro.org/
Email: msuiro@gmail.com
Facebook: Page | Alumni Page

Madison Academic Diversity Initiative (MADI)

Mission: MADI promotes inclusion, diversity, and academic success within the college. Designed for first year.
Advisor: Amber Benton
Website: jmc.msu.edu/diversity

MSU Mock Trial

A competitive undergraduate group that goes to schools across the county to compete in Mock Trial tournaments, while developing critical thinking and public speaking abilities.
Advisor: Folke Lindahl
Web: http://msumocktrial.wordpress.com/
Email: mcktrial@msu.edu

MSU Model UN

Organizes Model United Nations Conferences for High School and Middle School students.
Advisor: Emelia Hammond
Web: http://www.msumun.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSUMUN
Email: msumodelun@gmail.com

Roosevelt Institute

A student-run policy organization aimed at engaging youth in progressive activism, empowering them as leaders and promoting their ideas for change.
Advisor: Jennifer Sykes
Contact: msuroosevelt@gmail.com
Web: rooatmsu.org

Stonewall Society of MSU

Mission: To provide LGBTQ Madisonians a voice through meaningful discussions about LGBTQ issues in the world and on campus, advocacy.
Advisor: Max Olivero
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MSUStonewallSociety/


Mission: The mission is to engage students in cross-cultural dialogue and represent multicultural students.
Advisor: Robert Brathwaite
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jmcumma/