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International Internships

In conjunction with the Office of Office For Education Abroad and other Colleges at MSU, James Madison College sponsors a variety of Study Abroad programs that involve internships as the sole, or a significant part of the program’s activities. If any of the following programs are of interest to you, please see the Field Experience Coordinator at least a full semester, and preferably two semesters before you wish to participate. At that time, you will be asked to discuss the nature of your internship interests, the program(s) in which you’re most interested, and (where applicable) relevant language skills. The Field Experience Coordinator will provide you with application materials and instructions, and describe the steps for securing his approval of your application. All internships require enrollment in MC 400 and MC 401 (or language substitution), thus fulfilling the JMC Field Experience requirement.


JMC Virtual International Internship Program (JMC VIIP)

The JMC Virtual International Internship Program (VIIP) offers students virtual internship placements that will help them gain valuable work experience while learning how to communicate and operate in remote and international contexts. James Madison College partners with provider organizations who identify customized internship placements with various companies and industries around the world.

Duration: Internship duration is 6 to 8 weeks (start/end dates may vary); 20-30 hours per week.

Program Fee: No additional charge - automatic "Field Experience Scholarship" will cover program fee.
MSU Tuition: MC 400 and MC 401 (minimum 8 credits)

MC 400 & MC 401 online Field Experience courses for 8-12 credits.

March 1 (for Summer 2021). Early applications encouraged.

Visit the JMC VIIP page for information on placement types, eligibility, and to apply.

Questions? Contact Max Olivero, at oliverom@msu.edu



Internships in Cape Town, South Africa


Internships in Shanghai, China


Internships in Sydney, Australia


Internships in Berlin, Germany
Internships in Dublin, Ireland
Internships in London, United Kingdom
Internships in Madrid, Spain - Language requirement: SPN 310 or equivalent
Internships in Paris, France - Language requirement: FRN 320 and 321 or equivalent

North America

Internships in Toronto, Canada

South America

Internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Language requirement: SPN 310 or equivalent