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Field Experience Syllabi

Review the appropriate syllabus below for the MC 400 and MC 401 course requirements. Please note that MC 400 has you complete ONE reflection assignment (you have a choice of three options) and MC 401 has you work with your faculty reader to complete an in-depth, 18-20 page research paper. Please note the proper deadlines for both MC 400 and MC 401 per your semester of enrollment.

PDFMC400/401 Syllabus - Spring 2020
PDFMC400/401 Syllabus - Summer 2020
PDFMC400/401 Syllabus - Fall 2020
PDFMC400/401 Syllabus - Spring 2021
PDFMC400/401 Syllabus - Summer 2021

Questions and Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Field Experience paperwork please contact Max Olivero, JMC Field Experience Coordinator, at oliverom@msu.edu.