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Education Abroad

James Madison College is committed to expanding your understanding of other countries and cultures by encouraging you to plan an Education Abroad experience as part of your curriculum. Education Abroad contributes to academic advancement, intellectual and personal growth, and professional development, in addition to helping you to relate to other cultures and intellectual traditions. Together with Michigan State University’s Office for Education Abroad, James Madison College sponsors several summer and semester-long education abroad programs which allows students to fulfill degree requirements (including the Field Experience requirement) while gaining valuable experiences abroad. Below are descriptions of Madison-sponsored and partner programs. You can choose among short-duration, faculty-directed programs predominantly offered during the Summer, full-semester or exchange programs, and international internship programs available any semester.

In addition to Madison-sponsored programs (offering Madison courses and/or content directly complementary to the Madison curriculum), Michigan State University offers numerous other programs which you might also consider. For a Madison-sponsored program, please select a destination from the selection below. For the complete range of MSU-sponsored Education Abroad programs, go to the Office for Education Abroad website.


  • Students participate on a program directed by MSU faculty, alongside other MSU students.
  • Predominantly offered in the summer.
  • JMC courses available.

Semester Programs

  • Exchanges: MSU Students enroll as a visiting student at an international institution, transferring credit back to MSU.
  • Direct Enrollment: MSU students enroll as a visiting student at an international university and pay tuition and fees directly to the host institution, transferring credit back to MSU.
  • Full semester courses. Variety of courses available (see program page for course lists).

MSU International Internship Programs

  • Full-time internships ranging from 8-12 weeks.
  • Students enroll in MSU internship credit (JMC Field Experience: MC400/401)
  • Several locations and wide variety of internship placements avialable.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Field Experience, please contact Max Olivero, JMC Field Experience Coordinator, at oliverom@msu.edu or schedule an appointment online.

  • Faculty-Directed

    International Relations in Brussels – Belgium

    Summer Semester (4 weeks) Designed for students with an interest in international relations, law, political science and international business. Students will participate in lectures, discussions, and field trips to important European Institutions likely including the European Union, NATO Headquarters, and the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers-Europe.
    • Courses: MC299, MC 324e, MC329, MC399 (8 credits)
    • Program Fee: $2,100; Additional Costs: $3,910 (estimate)


    Comparative Republicanism in Rome and Florence - Italy

    Summer Semester (4 weeks)
    Focused on two powerful and influential cities, this summer program explores ancient, renaissance, and modern Western experiences with Republicanism. Multiple excursions will introduce students to treasures of Rome and Florence and be integral parts of required courses.
    • Courses: MC272, MC299, MC390, MC399, MC490H (8 credits)
    • Program Fee: $3,900; Additional Costs: $4,390 (estimate) 


    Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Sexual Politics in Amsterdam - Netherlands

    Summer Semester (4 weeks)
    Students will study sexual & gender politics, policy, and history at the University of Amsterdam. Working with local scholars, students will explore how Dutch liberalism conflicts and contrasts with the social intolerance of recent, more conservative immigrants. Students will visit world-famous cafes, museums, and canals as well as the European Parliament.
    • Courses: MC388, MC390, WS201, WS202, WS304, WS490, WS492, ENG130 (8 credits)
    • Program Fee: $2,950; Additional Costs: $3,035 (estimate) 


    International Development in South Asia: Practice and Policy – Sri Lanka

    Summer Semester (4 weeks)
    This program is designed to build students’ understanding of critical issues faced by agriculture-based developing societies through field visits with local experts. Knowledge gained through this program will help students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies or careers in international development.
    • Courses: TBD (4-8 credits)
    • Program Fee: $2,200; Additional Costs: $2,500 (estimate)  


    An MSU Jewish Studies Summer Program at Hebrew University - Israel

    Summer Semester (4 weeks)
    This program in Jerusalem focuses on Israeli politics and society & investigates the relationship between social and ethnic cleavages, cultural politics, political institutions, and the Jewish state. Levy Scholarships are available to students with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
    • Courses: MC290, MC335, MC399, IAH211D, ISS330B (8 credits)
    • Program Fee: $3,000; Additional Costs: $3,135 (estimate) 


    Dubai in the UAE: The Globalization of Consumerism and Community – United Arab Emirates

    Winter Break (2 weeks)
    This program explores the cultural, social, and political effects of contemporary globalization on a city that seems to represent the divergent outcomes of today’s capitalism. Students will explore these themes in Dubai as well as visits to other cities in the United Arab Emirates. The program includes experiences Dubai’s famous New Year’s Eve forewords and celebrations.
    • Courses: MC325, IAH211D, ARB491, GSAH391 (4 credits)
    • Program Fee: $2,300; Additional Costs: $2,700 (estimate) 


    JMC London Post-Term – United Kingdom

    Spring Semester (2 weeks)
    This program takes a comparative case study approach, looking at the role of London and other global cities over time and place. The course meets on campus January-April and finishes the final two weeks in London in May. Subsidized by the Office of the Provost, this program is affordable for a wide range of students.
    • Course: MC202 (4 credits)
    • Program Fee: $725; Additional Costs: $2,605 (estimate, cost can be subsidized based on financial need)
  • Semester Programs

    Corvinus University of Budapest – Hungary Fall/Spring Semesters (Direct Enroll)

    Budapest is an exciting city, rich in history and cultural achievement, but also undergoing massive change as Hungary adapts to the challenges of a market economy and a democratic political system in the wake of the fall of Communism. This program gives students the chance to study business, economics, political theory, international relations, and public affairs - all in English!
    • Program Fee: $5,050 (includes tuition); Additional Costs: $4,535 (estimate)


    ADA University – Baku, Azerbaijan Fall/Spring Semesters (Exchange)

    Study international relations in the capital of this strategically important state on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Students will benefit from small classes focused around regional & environmental politics, international development, political economy, ethnicity and nationalism, international trade and finance, energy resources and sustainable development.
    • Program Fee: $300 + MSU tuition; Additional Costs: $10,670 (estimate)


    University of Cambridge International Summer Program – United Kingdom Summer Semester (Direct Enroll)

    Hosted at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, the International Summer Program has been educating international students since 1923. Outside of academic work, students can participate in a whole series of public events through the city.
    • Program Fee: $4,200 (includes tuition); Additional Costs: $6,035 (estimate)


    City University of Hong Kong Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters (Exchange)

    Study in a modern metropolis that is a unique hybrid of western and eastern traditions. One of the top universities in China, students can enroll in courses related to social science, business, law, and energy and the environment. All courses are conducted in English, and Hong Kong provides an excellent hub for exploring mainland China and the entire Asian continent.
    • Program Fee: $230 + MSU tuition; Additional Costs: $4,700 (estimate) 


    Public and International Affairs at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lille – France Fall/Spring Semesters (Exchange)

    This program focuses on European politics, comparative state and society relationships, political economy, and international relations with a US-European focus in both French and English. Located in northern France, Lille is well-situated with an easy super-fast train commute to Paris, Brussels, and London. 1 semester of French language is required.
    • Program Fee: $300 + MSU tuition; Additional Costs: $8,285 (estimate)


    University of Innsbruck – Austria Fall/Spring Semesters OR Full Academic Year (Direct Enroll)

    Study at one of Europe’s oldest universities founded in 1669 and located in the Austrian Alps. Semester and academic year options allow participants full integration into University of Innsbruck collegiate life. Students many select a German and non-German speaking track depending on proficiency and academic goals. 
    • Program Fee: $13,500 (includes tuition); Additional Costs: $4,935 (estimate)


    Lund University – Sweden Fall/Spring Semesters (Exchange)

    Spend a semester at one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most prestigious universities and one of the top 100 universities in the world. Lund is a small university town filled with medieval architecture and various historical landmarks. Students will have access to an array of major specific courses taught in English by Lund faculty.
    • Program Fee: $350 + MSU tuition; Additional Costs: $6,675 (estimate)

    Aarhus University – Denmark Fall/Spring Semesters (Exchange)

    Immerse yourself in Danish culture in a city that offers both the attractions of an urban environment and beautiful natural surroundings. During the semester, students will take classes in English at a distinguished state institution and will have ample opportunities to explore local museums, galleries, gardens, and the nearly 400 islands of Denmark.
    • Program Fee: $350 + MSU tuition; Additional Costs: $8,195 (estimate)
  • MSU International Internship Programs
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Shanghai, China
    Singapore, Singapore
    Sydney, Australia
    Berlin, Germany
    Dublin, Ireland
    London, United Kingdom
    Madrid, Spain - Language requirement: SPN 310 or equivalent
    Paris, France - Language requirement: FRN 320 and 321 or equivalent
    Toronto, Canada
    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Language requirement: SPN 310 or equivalent